Was that Purple?

I am watching the Bruins game.  They are in Philadelphia tonight.  Just before the second period ended there was a whistle to stop play.  I’ll be damned if the arena didn’t play a snippet of Deep Purple’s Stormbringer.  The song my band in high school stole it’s name from!  We even played it in our Purple mini-set.  Nice job, Philly!

Note on this recording… David Coverdale isn’t the worst frontman ever. That title goes to another former Purple singer, Joe Lynn Turner.  He’s a pretty close second though.  I don’t know if things improved during his Whitesnake hair band years, but he’s just awful with Deep Purple.  However, I found a couple of video clips of the band playing this song and I have to say that as bad as Coverdale was, Glen Hughes was worse.  He’s outstanding in a studio setting, but on stage?  As painful as he is to listen too (SKREEEEEECH), he’s even more painful to watch.  Like… Just stop doing whatever it is you’re doing.  Stop!

Burn is a fantastic album.  Stormbringer is pretty crappy, but the title song effin’ rules.  Come Taste the Band is weird because it lacks a Blackmore, but it’s cool because it gained a Tommy Bolin.  Not a great record, but not bad either (Tommy Bolin’s solo album Teaser was released at the same time and it BLOWS PURPLE AWAY).  After that, Coverdale and Hughes effectively vanished from my musical world.  I’m okay with that.


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