Day Off To Do List

I have today off for the MLK Day holiday.  What should I do with my day?

First off was a pediatric endocrinology appointment for my step son.  Let’s just say that even the doctor was super impressed with his management of his diabetes.  The kid is a freakin’ all star.  You should all be very impressed.

What else should I do today?  I wanted to take my beloved bride to lunch, but she already has a lunch meeting.  Not sure what else I should do.  On the drive to the doctor this morning I started listening to the audio book of the novelization of the new Star Wars.  Two chapters in and I am unimpressed.  It reads like it was written by a high school kid who is trying very hard to impress everyone with his vocabulary, but instead is just laughably awful.  The long description of BB8 rolling past some birds made me want to cry.  I don’t think I’ll spend my day off with any more of that.

But it makes me think…

Are there still morning showings of The Force Awakens at the theater in town?  On that subject, how many points is a small bag of popcorn?

The answers are yes, and 13 points.  Well… I guess I’m going to the movies!  (but I’ll probably skip the popcorn)


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