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Paul Kantner

I’m so down over Paul Kantner’s passing.  It seems stupid to be so effected by the death of someone I never met, but this sucks.

I’m putzing around on youtube.  Here are a few…

This is from February 1970.  It’s not Spencer Dryden on drums, so it must be Joe Covington.  Give this a NSFW tag due to language and a little hippie toplessness, but it’s worth it for “We Can Be Together” and “Mexico”.


Did you know that Jefferson Airplane did a rooftop concert that was broken up by the cops a whole year before the Beatles?


Monterey Pop.


This one says it’s from 1970, but I don’t think it is.  I think it’s a bit earlier than that.  Spencer Dryden is on the drums and I think he left in December 1969 after Altamont.  But what do I know.  This clip more or less proves that Jack Cassidy is a god.  Just saying.




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