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RPM Challenge – Day 2

I haven’t recorded any real instruments yet, but I’ve got a nice chunk of work done so far using my iPad and iPhone. Yesterday I wrote a bass riff in the shower, a little guitar/bass groove while sitting in the car before work, and a little guitar riff while on my lunch break. When I got home I wrote 3-4 phrases for another song, with all the parts but no actual arrangements yet. I then fleshed out the car-before-work idea with 3-4 more sections and all the pieces, but again no actual arrangement of those sections.

Today, to start day two, I did another set of phrases with all instruments but no arrangement. Count them up and you’ve got five songs in progress before 6:45am on day two. Not a bad start.

Now we just have to hope the ideas don’t suck. They probably do.

Here is the annual works-in-progress playlist, which currently holds nothing but cheesy GarageBand for iPad sounds.


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