Major Deer Sighting

I just heard a sound that I thought was a coyote howling.  Really.  It sounded just like what you hear in the movies.  While thinking, “whah?” I looked out the window.  I wasn’t the only one to take notice.  One heartbeat after looking up, the herd came through the back woods.  Deer.  Running.  Fast.  Lots of them.  They were running in a straight line, but I was too slow on the draw to start counting in time.  The biggest group I’ve seen was eight, I think.  This was much bigger than that.  At least 10, maybe as many as 12. I heard a dog bark a little and decided that the howl was just that dog.  It sounded similar enough.  I want to thank that dog though.  I hadn’t seen any deer in quite a while.  It was good to see the whole extended family again.


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