Bad Day

Spent some time in the emergency room this morning. How’s that for a shitty start to the day? I had some symptoms of a migraine but I never got the killer headache. I also think I’m catching another cold. Fun, eh?

So I didn’t get to chop up last night’s bad practice recording (too much bass), and I didn’t get to re-watch last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, and I didn’t go to those two big meetings I had scheduled at work.

I did watch a couple of episodes of Greg the Bunny (the Fox show) and it made me happy. Unfortunately, I still feel like a dishrag that spent a full day at the bottom of a sink full of dirty, greasy water that was wrung out by someone who does not know their own strength.

Yeah, back to bed I go.

PS: My wife went to the hospital with me. She took care of me. She made me feel better when I was convincing myself that I was having a stroke. She honestly is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I could not imagine loving her more than I do, and yet every now and then I realize I love her more than I thought I did. Today was one of those days. Thank you, Jenny. I love you so much.


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