Band Practice Post Mortem

We had our first band practice in three weeks tonight. Three weeks or four weeks? Three weeks, I think. It went okay. We completely forgot how to play that David Bowie song, so that’s our homework for next time. I was sloppy and couldn’t get out of my own way for the first hour and a half. I was pretty good during the last 30 minutes though. Well, I didn’t suck. Put it that way.

Post practice was our first Walking Dead discussion since season 6 ended. Despite the venomous internet backlash over the cliff hanger, we all agreed that the finale was awesome. I think I have to start reading the comics again. I’m only about 2/3 of the way through them, and the second half of season six is passed where I stopped reading. I wanted to be a TV only fan again, but I don’t think I can stay away any longer.

On the home recording front, this weekend I started rhythm section tracks for three more songs from the list of songs to re-record. I will have some more guitar recording to do this week! I have six songs with rhythm guitars finished but only one with an actual real bass guitar. I really suck as a bass player. I might want to re-think the idea of not using midi bass. I’m not sure yet.

Back to work tomorrow. I have to say that I would much prefer to say that I was going on vacation this week, but no dice there.

Almost time for bed. See you (and the new episode of Fear the Walking Dead) tomorrow. ‘Night.


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