I took a half day off work today. We were supposed to go to a wake in Vermont, but an illness kept us home.  My step kids’ step mother’s mother passed away.  I feel bad for the kids who lost their grandma.  

I’m really tired today and I don’t know why.  I took advantage of this week being school vacation in Massachusetts and, anticipating lighter than normal traffic, slept a little late.  It didn’t seem to help.  Tomorrow I have to be up early so I can’t pull that trick again.

I’m feeling a little frustrated.  I have a lot of drive to make music right now, but every time I get a few minutes where I can play, I don’t.  My motivation appears fleeting… The jerk.

Eight years ago today my girlfriend (who later became my wife) and I officially moved in together.  I’d been basically living in her apartment in Salem, NH for a couple of months, but on this day in 2008 we moved into a duplex in Methuen, MA. Today is our Duplexiversary!  

Happy Duplexiversary!


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