How Did I Not Hear About This?

My wife and I were discussing which one of our hobby/habit/addictions was more expensive. Her regularly upgrading her home computer system, or me and guitars and all that go with it. She was talking about how much money she spends on computers, components, and accessories. I then countered with how much I could potentially spend, even though I don’t. I think I win.

I went to ebay to see if I could find The Holy Grail of my personal guitar collection fantasy guitars so that I could blow her mind with the price. Unfortunately ebay doesn’t have any right now. I’m talking about the Gibson Custom Shop’s replica of Eric Clapton’s red ES-335. While there weren’t any of those up for bidding, I did see something else.

Something better…

The Gibson Custom Shop has made a reissue of Clapton’s 1960 Les Paul. The one he used on the Bluesbreakers album!

But how? That guitar was stolen in 1966?

Oh hell, I don’t care. I WANT ONE!!!


One thought on “How Did I Not Hear About This?

  1. With us, it’s similar but on a smaller scale — it’s a toss-up between all his first-person shooter games and all the upgrades thereof, and my insatiable appetite for books! Given, the books are less expensive (average about $10 each for e-books) whereas his games are $70+ each, but he buys maybe three a year and I buy probably a couple of books a month so I think it pretty much evens out. I get annoyed with his game habit until I realize I couldn’t possibly exist without new books!!!

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