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NHL Third Round Predictions

Prediction wise, it’s back to reality. In the first round I picked the winning team in six of eight series. In the second round… two of four. That’s eight out of 12 total and if you do the math I’m at 67%, babie! Two outa three! Not great, but still pretty good.

I was wrong in the Penguins/Capitals series. I picked the Capitals and once again THEY SUCK LIKE YOU’VE HEARD ABOUT! Damn, you suck, Washington! YOU SUCK. I was also wrong on the Stars/Blues series because the Stars are just assholes. You take Tyler Segiun from us and then you do this? Jerks.

I got the Lightning/Islanders right. Thank you, New York, for losing and doing right by Boston. I was also right about San Jose/Nashville. At least I think I was right because last night was game seven and Nashville didn’t show up at all. Does that mean they’ll have to play it again? Like, the Predators just weren’t in the building at all, so does the game actually count or was that just an internationally televised Sharks practice?

On to the Conference Finals…

The Penguins vs the Lightning. This makes me very sad. Why? Because I loathe the effin’ Penguins and they are going to win. Urgh, talk about crap bag. I hate you, Penguins. I hate you so very much.

In the West it’s The Sharks vs The Blues. Television wise, this is going to lose out to reruns on Home Shopping Network. Could there be a worse match up ratings wise? I guess maybe Florida vs Nashville would be worse, but this is seriously bad. As far as the series is concerned, GO SHARKS, BABIE! When I made my first round picks I said they were winning it all. When I made the second round picks I backed off a little and said they’d win the West but maybe not the Cup. Now? CUP TRAIN! CHOOO CHOOO! Joe Thornton, this is your year! And I am aware that with each excited sentence I write I jinx the Sharks a little more. I’m picking them, so they are losing… but GO SHARKS!

So we’re rooting for a Sharks/Penguins final. Let’s go, and as always remember that if you bet based on my picks you will end up ruined, living on the street, giving hand jobs for cash. You have been warned.



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