Pedal Swap?

Always tinkering…

I have two Big Muff Pi pedals. One on the board at the band’s rehearsal space. The other is at home with my stay at home set up.

This is the one on the band board:

This is the stay at home:

The first pedal is huge. The second pedal is tiny.

I love the first pedal to death. It’s AWESOME. But it doesn’t really play well with my Marshall amp. There is a ton of extraneous noise. A little research tells me that the reissue NYC pedals (which the big one is) are generally considered to be very noisy. The little pedals, including the Nano, which is the one I have, are supposed to be a little less noisy. I haven’t noticed any noise issues through my Fender amp, but I haven’t used it with a long signal chain, and I probably haven’t been as loud as I get with the band.

So the question is, should I swap them? Should I bring the Nano to practice and bring the full size guy home?

Or should I invest a couple of hundred dollars into a high end clone of the original “triangle” muff, or maybe the “rams head” version that came a few years later? Or should I try and get a Russian version?


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