It All Starts Tomorrow

I have my fist gig since 2005, one month and one day from tomorrow.  If I don’t make changes to my daily routine right now I am going to embarrass the shit out of myself.

Here is what I need to do:

I need to practice the guitar EVERY EFFIN DAY.  I’m not talking hours a day, but at least 15-30 minutes a day.  That includes not only the songs in our sets, but picking exercises, scale exercises, improv exercises.  All of that stuff.  If I were to play in front of an audience right now it would go down as the single worst performance of my life, and I am not ready to hang that hat on my head yet.

I need to make physical changes.  My back and my legs are so screwed up right now that I can’t stand up straight for five minutes, never mind a three hour show.  Stop eating shit.  Stop drinking coke.  Get a little bit of goddamn exercise every day.  Again, 5 minutes would be 5 minutes more than I’m getting right now.  How about building up enough stamina in your back and legs to be able to stand up for an hour at a time, and how about a little strength in your hands to not be in pain when you play.  You’re a big fat ass, Robert, but you aren’t a quadrapulegic.  Stop acting like it.

Now that I’ve spelled it all out, I just have to do it, damn it.


One thought on “It All Starts Tomorrow

  1. The good news is, you’re still young and if you tackle this stuff now it’ll get easier as you go along. The doctor asked us to walk 20 minutes a day — just 20 minutes for crying out loud! — and we’re both having a hard time doing it. So believe me, I feel for you. But you can DO this! I know you can! GO ROB!!! lol

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