Musically Speaking, 2016 Continues to Suck

The hits just keep coming.

Eric Clapton is losing the ability to play the gitter. I actually knew this. There was an article in Rolling Stone (on the website at least) where he was discussing his new record and he mentioned a nerve issue that was making things difficult. The reporter was either a clueless moron and failed to pose a follow up question like say, what nerve issue? Or, he was a disturbingly awful writer who left out the nerve discussion. Or, his editor is a shit head.

Regardless, there’s a story out now where Clapton goes into a tiny amount of detail. I have no idea what peripheral neuropathy is, but if it takes away Clapton’s ability to play the blues then it’s the worst thing ever. Just please Ricky, don’t go doing what Keith Emerson did. Please.


2 thoughts on “Musically Speaking, 2016 Continues to Suck

  1. Is he a diabetic? Because all I know about neuropathy is that when you have diabetes, it decreases the circulation and you can get neuropathy in your feet (which is quite common) or even your hands, which I suspect I have because my fingers are numb a lot. It would play havoc for a guitarist!

  2. He was drunk for 15-20 years. He’s blaming it on that. I would guess that kind of abuse would mess up anyone’s brain in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

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