Pedal Trouble

Out of the blue…

At the start of band practice on Sunday everything was working fine. A couple of songs in though… the new Green Muff pedal started screwing up. It worked fine when it was on, but when it was off I lost all signal. I don’t think it’s buffered, so did something break lose in the bypass circuit? I need to mess with it before the next practice.

So what did that leave? I took the fuzz face off the board earlier that day. I still had the white Nano Muff pedal. I had so set my heart on having different fuzz settings for rhythm and lead that I didn’t want to just go with one sick ass setting. So what did I do?

One characteristic of a good fuzz pedal is the ability to tone down the noise by lowering the volume on the guitar itself. That worked out well. For rhythm I had both pickups on, but the neck volume was down almost completely. For leads I used the bridge pick up alone, full up.

It worked. Here’s proof:

I don’t ever want to have to do that again though. I may need to make another (effin’) purchase.


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