And the Winner Is

I brought my new Fender Deluxe Reverb amp to practice last night. Plugged it into the wall, and then plugged my Les Paul through the newly rearranged pedal board into the shiny new amp.

Two hours later I unplugged it and plugged my Marshall back in.

It sounds phenomenal at low volume. At rehearsal volume… it sounded like an over-processed, mid rangie slop. I know I can fix it, but there’s no mid control on the amp’s EQ, so maybe an EQ pedal. I’ve been thinking about that anyway. Maybe overdrive instead of fuzz too.

The Marshall sounded clear and mean and filthy and awesome. So now when our gig comes around in July 1st, I am going to be playing through my old, trusty, reliable (so far) Marshall.

Come October’s gig though… We’ll try the Fender again.


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