Rolling Stone Sucked Long Before This

So Rolling Stone magazine is putting the douche who set off two bombs at the Boston Marathon onto the cover. People are pissed off. My response is, so what? Rolling Stone hasn’t been relevant since the Beatles broke up. You’re going to let a snot rag like this get under your skin? People far worse than this loser have been on the covers of magazines far better. Were there calls to boycott Life when Manson was on the cover? How many magazines have put Bin Laden on the cover? What about Hitler?

Rolling Stone has been garbage for pretty much my entire life. Putting this pathetic piece of trash on the cover does not change that. The cover won’t stop me from buying Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone’s existence is what stops me from buying Rolling Stone. They can publish this completely insulting and tasteless cover if they want. It’s their magazine, there is freedom of the press in our country (much to the dismay of many people who are sympathetic to the Boston Bomber’s cause), if they want to publish crap… let ’em. Just know that they could have a candid paparazzi shot of Jesus Christ himself buying a snickers bar at a 7-11 on the cover and it still wouldn’t change the fact that nothing that magazine does is worth the price of the toilet paper it is printed on.

The two scumbags who set off those bombs are beneath my contempt. Rolling Stone is the perfect piece of shit to share their story. Those piles of crap were meant for each other.

Just my $0.02.


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